This is Real White Culture.

Sometimes reactionary politics are necessary. In response to "thisiswhiteculture" et al. and those who attempt to divorce us from our ethnic identities, our histories and our freedom to be proud of who we are. This blog is for that.

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I have to preface this by saying it’s not actually a letter of support. I picked out some choice quotes and just wrote my responses for them. 

But realistically, in the court of general opinion on historical victimhood, you’re not going to win. I will. Black people always do.

But really, is this a game that you want to win? Would you like to be at the bottom rung of the social ladder? Is pity what you want?

Apparently the author does because he’s the one playing it.

What I’m trying to get at here is that bringing up various ways that your ancestors’ lives sucked isn’t a good defense for racism.

Oh, really. Then why does the entire SJW community use it?

But you’ve probably never had to worry about whether or not you might die at a routine traffic stop. White people don’t have to deal with that.

False and also racist. My partner has almost been killed by cops a couple of times. If this is true why are there outliers. 

I could hit you with a ton of scenes from my life that would be hard to imagine for a dude like yourself.

Making assumptions about the author when he has no idea about his life, just his race = racist

You’re good at arguing, but not good at thinking (yet).

Why? Because he doesn’t think like the author? This entire paragraph does nothing but underhandedly insult that kid’s intelligence. 

I’m racist and sexist too, but I’m doing my best not to be.

At this point I decided that perhaps the author is just projecting. It is not racist to say that you do not have privilege in certain aspects, or to suggest that all races and identities suffer from varying levels of oppression or benefit from varying levels of privilege. All races.