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Sometimes reactionary politics are necessary. In response to "thisiswhiteculture" et al. and those who attempt to divorce us from our ethnic identities, our histories and our freedom to be proud of who we are. This blog is for that.

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Pretty girls don’t need feminism.

i’m a pretty girl and i need feminism because people that assume feminism is about men still exist

I think we’re all aware it’s about your self-serving interests, sweetie.





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Honestly, I’ve become a kinder, nicer, more accepting person since becoming a fascist and becoming more well read in regards to fascism. The women in this movement are so beautiful, lovely and kind and they are perfect examples for me to have in my life. I’m more at peace with who I am the past several months. In April I was extremely suicidal and you offered me several helping hands and let me know things do get better. All of you are incredible, thank you. 

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Obama is brave. He fought against the healthcare industry and brought reform to our country even tho theyre one of the biggest lobbies in America. Stop being an idiot, you mindless troll. Think!
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It is going to be quite the life shattering moment when anon figures out the benefactors of Obamacare are in fact the “healthcare” industry.  Obama made it illegal not to purchase a least a bare minimum of their products. No matter what they charge, the public has to buy.

And the Supreme Court just struck down federal subsidies of Obamacare. How’s that for sweet justice.


Mads Mikkelsen as One Eye

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Hey, guys! I want to join in! I’ve got some reasons why I don’t need feminism, too! Please, pay attention to me! I’m not like all those other girls! I am soooo special because I’m one of the guys! Yesterday, three guys wolf-whistled at me and I high-fived them because WHAT A COMPLIMENT. 

Wow. Maybe your immaturity, strawmanning and misogynistic generalizations is why people distrust feminists. 

-Indigo (who’s rolling her eyes) 

She’s so threatened by the thought that certain men appreciate women more if they aren’t like her.

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You make the best glitter graphics <3

Doesn’t she? They’re perfect. 

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Pretty girls don’t need feminism.

shut the fuck up


Um I still need feminism. Don’t fucking speak for us.

Have you seen yourself?

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Are you against multiracial children? And interracial couples?
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Well I’m not against children. That would be silly, considering that it was their parents that brought them into the world. However, I myself would not be in a relationship with someone outside of my race nor would I choose to have multiracial children, and I support people of my race to do the same if they so choose.